If you know anybody who knows anybody or you are that somebody, Movie Animals Protected (MAP)is looking for part-time on-call representatives to oversee the humane treatment and safety of animals in film & television.

Movie Animals Protected (MAP) is looking for part-time on-call representatives in Los Angeles (Santa Clarita and Long Beach areas) NYC, Atlanta, Vancouver, Boston area, Santa Fe, New Orleans, Australia, Mexico, Prague, and the U.K.

MAP supports and encourages voluntary compliance and deters noncompliance through education, awareness, and the fine art of persuasion. We’re looking for passionate, curious, dedicated, people with good personalities.

General Job Description

Monitor and ensure the safety and welfare of animals in film and television. Document the safeguards and communicate with trainers and production crew. Uphold MAP protocols and ensure animals are safe and treated humanely on film sets. Work with production companies and animal handlers to facilitate safe and humane performances by animals in film & television. 


  • Work independently and as a team player within a wide variety of locations and unique circumstances 

  • Identify hazards and risk factors associated with the use of animals and set circumstances

  • Educate and assist productions in the humane treatment of animals

  • Risk assessment of animal action, set or circumstances within filming parameters 

  • Uphold MAP protocols for animal safety on film sets

  • Accurate reporting


  • Domestic and/or Exotic animal knowledge and experience

  • Understanding of animal behavior, health, and training

  • Thorough knowledge of animal safety guidelines. (will teach)

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Accurate report writing

  • Follow through and accountability

  • Self-Discipline

  • Initiative

  • Pursue continuous learning with a desire to learn to keep up with new skills, knowledge, and various aspects of film production, animal training, and behavior

  • Collaborative and friendly

  • Problem solver, assertive, diplomatic and professional

To Be Considered for Productions with Horses you also must possess:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of equine and equine behavior

  • Identify hazards, then determine appropriate ways to eliminate the hazard, or control the risk when the hazard cannot be eliminated

  • Safety hazards associated with several equestrian activities, including horse racing, horse jumping, river crossings, rodeo, Historical Reenactment, carriage/harness driving, among others

  • Film Hazards associated with insert camera cars, battle scenes, horse falls and special effects including gunfire and explosions

    You won’t see a list of company or corporate core values because we know corporations don't have values it's people who have values. The people in our company are a major influence on our future success. It’s important we curate a team to create a culture where people are caring, committed, accountable, and have a learning mentality.

    Desired Personality Traits:

    • Observant

    • Plays well with others

    • Honest

    • Confident

    • Autonomous

    • Leaders - Lead yourself

    • Life-long Learner

    •  Accountable

    • Take Yourself Lightly, Take Your Work Seriously

      Email your resume to hello@movieanimalsprotected.com