What We Do

Movie Animals Protected (MAP) monitors the humane treatment of animals in film & television.

We offer production a choice in animal welfare monitoring. Producers have a choice with every other crew position, so why not in animal welfare monitoring? Competition benefits every industry. 

Since we’ve opened our doors, we’ve monitored all kinds of productions and provided oversight for all types of animals. Our growth has been based on word of mouth, one client recommending us to another. The following is a partial list of clients both past & present: Clients.

How We Can Help

MAP’s only function on-set is to focus on ensuring the safety and welfare of animals during production. MAP will help determine ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations, enabling production to get the shot they want in a safe and humane manner.

With our background and years of expertise monitoring animals on productions, we have the skills to foresee potential problems or trouble situations before they occur and share our experience, judgment and common sense reasons behind our recommendation.

What You Get

Upon completion of filming, eligible productions receive one of the following certifications:  
1) an official network compliance letter or  
2) our end credit “Movie Animals Protected in the making of this film"

How We Work

MAP supports and encourages voluntary compliance and deters noncompliance through education, awareness, and the fine art of persuasion.

How We Think

Movie Animal Protected has a suggested set of guidelines or what many consider as “rules”. Guidelines are just that - guidelines, designed to fit most situations, but with the realization that certain situations will require more input and MAP believes it is acceptable to use overall common sense, expertise,and judgment when overseeing animals in film production. Being too wrapped up in “rules” can cause loss of perspective, so there are times when it is better to set aside or modify a guideline. Guiding Principles