Riding a Movie Horse

“You know, actors lie all the time. 'Can I ride on the horse? Are you kidding? Of course! I was born on a horse! It's the same with motorcycles.” William Lucking

We've all heard the old joke about how actors lie on their resume about their horse riding skills.It is easy for those who ride horses to see when someone cannot. Each horse has an individual personality. It is important that anyone required to ride a horse for filming has time to work with the animals prior to filming. A professional handler will know how to pair the right horse with the right person that will assist in ensuring a successful shoot. 

Wranglers should audition riders to make sure they can perform the necessary action. This should include the ability to control the horse safely, while accomplishing other tasks such as delivering lines, performing, and/or handling a prop such as a gun, sword, spear, etc. 

Professional wranglers are often the most capable riders and equestrians and are a good choice for riding doubles and background riders. Production should allow time before filming for enough riding lessons for all persons riding on film. 


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