MAP's Guiding Principles

Movie Animal Protected has a suggested set of guidelines or what many consider as “rules”.  Guidelines are just that - guidelines, designed to fit most situations, but with the realization that certain situations will require more input and MAP believes it is acceptable to use overall common sense, expertise,and judgment when overseeing animals in film production.  Being too wrapped up in “rules” can cause loss of perspective, so there are times when it is better to set aside or modify a guideline.

MAP’s only function on-set is to focus on ensuring the safety and welfare of animals during production. With our background and years of expertise monitoring animals on film, television, commercials and new media, we have the skills to foresee potential problems or trouble situations before they occur and share our experience, judgment and common sense reasons behind our recommendations. MAP will assist production to figure out ways to avoid potential dangerous situations yet enabling production to get the shot they want in a safe and humane manner.

It is most important that we remember the principle of our guidelines, which are to make sure the animal is safe.

The following questions may help guide your judgment:

  1. Is the animal fit for duty/required action? 
  2. Has the working animal been prepped, trained, or acclimated to perform the required animal action?
  3. Is the animal safe? (Identify hazards/risks )
  4. Are the external factors (traffic, SFX, other animals in the location, etc.) controlled that could potentially spook the animal or prevent it from focusing on the requested work?
  5. Could the animal get injured (Are sufficient precautions in place?)
  6. Is the animal secure in the location (escape routes cut off, pick up riders for runaway horses, etc.)
  7. How will you solve the problem? See and solve it
  8. Is the animal in pain or distress?   

Our approach is education, prevention, and assistance.  We treat others with respect, are tolerant and accepting of differences, are considerate of others’ opinions and deal professionally and peacefully with disagreements.


barbara casey

I run the Department of Everything at Movie Animals Protected (MAP), a nonprofit startup I created when I was laid off from a job I loved. With nothing but a cell phone and a computer, I said move over monopoly cause I know what I'm doing.

Somehow, in the midst of controlled chaos, I resolve conflict and solve unique problems. It's the complete opposite of "Hurry up and wait", better described as wait, wait and hurry up. I wear many hats, help staff realize personal potential, improve the company, and try to change the world. Lucky me, I am able to help animals. I mean, who doesn't want to help animals?

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