Bugs Don't Bug Us

We often see insects and arachnids as unwelcome visitors who invade our homes. Our solution for this usually involves a rolled-up newspaper, bottle of bug spray, or another human being we live with who is both tougher and less ridiculous than us. This should not be the answer; there are a lot of practical reasons why you should not kill bugs. Insects have a variety of purposes. They are extremely important plant pollinators. That's right. No more flowers for your weddings and anniversaries. They also provide honey, shellac, wax, and silk. And if you are not someone who really cares about adding honey to make tea more satisfying or keeping your nails pristine and intact then think of the obvious. They make us laugh when they creep other people out. And anyway, do you really need a reason not to kill something? If you absolutely need one, make that reason the audience who is expecting you not to.

barbara casey

I run the Department of Everything at Movie Animals Protected (MAP), a nonprofit startup I created when I was laid off from a job I loved. With nothing but a cell phone and a computer, I said move over monopoly cause I know what I'm doing.

Somehow, in the midst of controlled chaos, I resolve conflict and solve unique problems. It's the complete opposite of "Hurry up and wait", better described as wait, wait and hurry up. I wear many hats, help staff realize personal potential, improve the company, and try to change the world. Lucky me, I am able to help animals. I mean, who doesn't want to help animals?

Originally from Boston, living in Los Angeles so long my family accuses me of "talking fake” The love of my life, my 230-month-old baby is in her second year of college. Silly, I feel like she is breaking up with me. Almost nothing makes me happier than a good vinaigrette. Dogs break my heart and cats make me laugh.